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John Dewey Ignored! - Schools Teach One Narrow Category of Reality

Students seen as neo-fascist. Culture of the Pascack Valley affected. read more

Dec 28, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Beware of "isms"

Think of all the "isms" in life. read more

Dec 28, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Skinner's Pidgeons

Lorenz's Geese read more

Dec 28, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

"I Feel Like I'm Fixin To Die"

A song written by Country Joe MacDonald in 1969 - sent to us by BingoCostello. Thank you Bingo for bringing us all back to the days of Viet Nam War protests. read more

Dec 28, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Meaning & Metaphor - What Is A Senior Center?

Is it a building or something more? read more

Dec 28, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Conditioned By Fear & Absurdity

Americans trained to hate the world. read more

Dec 28, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Socialism for the Rich and Capitalism for the Rest

The historian asked me if all should be paid according to merit. He offered the example of a man of character and a drunk. Mrs. Hogan observed drunks often are better paid and placed in society then persons of character. Think of how many senior executives, mayors and congressmen are drunks.  read more

Nov 20, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

New Podcast - Americans Mass Murder 6 Million

Please click on the Audio Clips button in the left margin menu of read more

Oct 17, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

New Audio Clip - Empires & Hegemons

Please click on the Audio Clips button. read more

Oct 13, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

The Middle Class Considered

Initially the middle class were merchants and small business owners. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was this type of successful small businessperson. They were what sociologist David Reisman writing in “The Lonely Crowd” describes as Inner Directed people. This age of successful small businesspersons lasted up until the age of Andrew Jackson, even up until the Civil War.  read more

Oct 3, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Social Injustice and Social Exclusion

This essay is intended to examine society through the prism of history and the social sciences. It is a meditation on the many facets of social injustice and social exclusion.  read more

Sep 25, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Is America Without a Sense of Community or Solidarity? Why No Quality Health Care? Why No National Affordable Housing Program?

Can a society without quality health care be considered to be a community? In a 2003 study the Rand Corp. found that Americans have just a 55% chance of receiving the "correct" care in any medical situation. The study was not looking for good or excellent care. The study simply sought basic correct medical care and could not find it 45% of the time.  read more

Apr 24, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Worse Than Watergate _ Americans Without the Sense of History to Know - There Is No Senator Frank Church Today

Now that America has become a theocracy that condemns Secular Humanism, we are without the sense of history to understand our Power Elite. The overwhelming majority of Americans have no knowledge of a national scandal called Watergate that happened over 30 years ago. This is the reason we are repeating the essence of Watergate. We are doomed to repeat history we don't know.  read more

Apr 24, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

A Social Sciences Reading List

The following list was compiled in reaction to a local New Jersey BOE Trustee and a local lawyer who recently disparaged the social sciences. Those who use the social sciences to guide their lives are disparaged in modern media as "secular humanists." If you go to you may view a video entitled: Confessions of a secular humanist. The attack on the social sciences is part of the dumbing down of America necessary for propaganda to flourish and spread. How so you say?  read more

Apr 24, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

How do Mothers’ Children Become Cannon Fodder in the New Sparta? How do the Merchants of Death Sell War While Dancing Around the Green Table?

After attending a BOE meeting six years ago, Mrs. Hogan and I were in conversation with Kurt Kron of Montvale and Ken Polikoff of Boca Raton, Florida (formerly of Hillsdale). Grace summoned up her observation of the BOE as noting the function of education was to produce “cannon fodder”. The word hung in the air. None commented. Myself, I viewed Grace’s use of the word as hyperbole or metaphor.  read more

Apr 3, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

New Video - Confessions of a Secular Humanist

Please click on the Video Clips button at the top of the Home Page. read more

Feb 13, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Identification with the State

It begins in the schools. Xenophobic, jingoistic belief in the State replaced pragmatic education I America long ago. Rather than responsible citizens, American education’s new mandate is producing cannon fodder for the State.  read more

Jan 31, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Two New Podcasts - Class & Justice and Justice Denied

Please click on the Audio Clips button in the left margin menu of the Home Page. read more

Dec 27, 2005 |  Comments: 0/0

New Podcast - Class & Justice - Nation of Vengence

WARNING: Thinking can be dangerous. This Podcast is a heavy duty, industrial strength, no-nonsense audio essay. It will go aganist the grain of the corporate media propaganda blitz you receive daily. 

If you have the stomach for it, please go to and click on the Audio Clips button at the top of the Home Page.
 read more

Dec 24, 2005 |  Comments: 0/0

A History of the Transport Workers Union

Will the TWU be broken? Will all pension & health benefits be lost to all labor? read more

Dec 24, 2005 |  Comments: 0/0

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