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Conditioned to Hate the Poor

We all know the president and congress pass laws that benefit the super wealthy and mega corporations. That\'s there job and it\'s hard work. The president never tires of telling us how hard he works. The president, senators and congressmen are there to take phone calls from lobbyists who work hard on behalf of the super rich and monopolies. So, the system is working like a well oiled wheel.

But what about the middle class? They are thrown the bone of recognition. That is, whe read more

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Decolonizing the Mind - Is Your Mind Occupied Territory?

As human beings we all share the same titanic struggle. Some are defeated without knowing they have been at war. Others willingly and knowingly accept defeat as a right of passage. Still others celebrate and embrace defeat as a social advantage.
 read more

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Shock and Awe - Whose Shock? Whose Awe?

The concept of Shock and Awe was first developed by the Pentagon\'s National Defense University (NDU) in 1996 as part of the "Rapid Dominance" strategy. The strategy was first used in Afghanistan. In their 1996 NDU book, "Shock and Awe," aut read more

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Is there a Pre Revolutionary Condition in America?

Try to imagine a Tin Pot dictatorship somewhere in the world.  Imagine a dictator whose party “wins” two rigged elections.  This is how it is in America.  Our so-called “unitary executive” is a massive state dictatorship.  Our executive branch has disgraced itself and all humanity.  Our supreme leader operates in defiance of the outright will of the people who are read more

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USA Most Unequal In the World?

You may think of me as a surfer dude without the water. Echostar (DishTV) software makes channel surfing easy. When I need entertainment I often turn to C-Span. There you will find America\'s monkeys. There are some who will say I am insulting monkeys. Of this, there is no doubt. Our senior national officials make monkeys out of themselves on C-Span every day.

Whenever I see Vermont\'s Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, I stop surfing. Why? Bernie is the only public figure in A read more

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Growing Up In Upper Manhattan In the 1950\'s

The neighborhood I grew up in ranged from 187th St to 192nd St on Broadway in Manhattan. It was a valley separate and apart from neighborhoods called Washington Heights and Inwood. While Irish gangs ruled Inwood and Washington Heights, our Broadway valley was a mixed message.

While Jewish immigrants from Germany, and other places in war ravaged Europe, thought our Broadway hangout as a tough place, your Irish reporter continues to remember Broadway in the 1950\'s as the only  read more

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A Conversation with Noam Chomsky

Dear Noam:

You keep repeating your opinion I am a coward. I get it. You think I am a coward. Yet, you don\'t explain your opinion. Is it a visceral dislike of all Irishmen because Irish guys harassed you as a kid? Are you finally fighting back? Good for you.

I am not pretending. I really don\'t understand you. In fact, the older I get the less I understand. My guidance teacher advised me I didn\'t belong in Stuyvesant HS. I have come to view the test as just the read more

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Is Change Possible?

Many assume I seek change. Therefore, some further assume I am an idealist. How could any 65 year old American believe change is possible? Only an mental defective could believe change possible in America.

So, if the " read more

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A Libertarian\'s View of Socialism

The professor is a local Libertarian. The man advocates zero government. After that things became complicated as the professor laid out his political thinking on the restaurant table. Quite naturally, his Libertarian ideal is the centerpiece of the table. I immediately agreed a system of no government would be best.

Then our professor began a critique of Socialists. Our man views Socialists as Fascists or latent Fascists. He offered two examples. The professor asserts the Pres read more

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Racism in New Jersey (video)

What accounts for NJ being the 4th most segregated state in America? Discrimination in housing? Are folks of color attacked in Mayberry RFD?  read more

Nov 7, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Ralph Nader For President (video)

The two parties are one giant reactionary party that panders to the plutocrats. Pandering is not policy. The giant one party system does not consider issues. Both Obama & McCain will remain in Iraq forever at great cost ($20 or $30 Trillion in 50 years) or until our army is finally defeated, as in Viet Nam. Either man is destined to bankrupt America. read more

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Religion 101 (video)

How did Trappist monk Father Thomas Merton, pragmatist philosopher William James, and sociologist Max Weber view religion? What were their perspectives?  read more

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Religion 102, parts 1 and 2 (video)

What did Emile Durkheim -- one of the fathers of sociology -- consider the essence, origins and social function of religions? Why did he study totemism of the Australian aborigines? How did he view the origins of religion in group behavior?  read more

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Sell Town Hall! (video)

The Township of Washington is encouraged to have a larger vision of the community to include senior housing for the most mature among us.  read more

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Shock Doctrine (video)

Naomi Klein\'s book looks at the pragmatic consequences of Professor Milton Friedman\'s economic advice to countries around the world as insisted upon by Friedman\'s disciples in the World Bank & IMF.  read more

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Socialism and Anarchism (video)

The goals of socialism & anarchism are described. Socialism predates Marxism and is concerned with achieving equality within a society. Revolutionary and reform socialism are juxtaposed. Anarchism is concerned with liberating the individual from the authority of the state.  read more

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Socialism For the Rich, Second Edition (video)

The French philosopher Jean Jacques said \"The rich form governments to steal from the poor.\" This video explains how the rich use the tax system to steal our money and use it to benefit the rich. While ordinary folks live under capitalism, the rich enjoy the benefits of state socialism. read more

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Sociology 101 (video)

How the fathers of Sociology developed an important social science. The key sociological paradigms are considered.  read more

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Taxi To the Dark Side (video)

Taxi to the Dark Side is available on Netflix. It is A Documentary On American Torture & the Destruction of Habeas Corpus, the Constitution and American Liberties, Values & Morals. read more

Nov 7, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

The Dark Side (video)

How the war on terror turned into a war on American ideals & values. Jane Mayer\'s book, \"The Dark Side,\" describes the torture and murder of many people and explains how torture was approved at the highest levels of government. It is a case of bureaucracy robbing us of our freedom & democracy, as William James & Max Weber predicted more then a century ago.  read more

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