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The Military Receives 54% of the US Federal Budget

The source is the enclosed analysis by the War Resisters League. read more

Jan 7, 2009 |  Comments: 0/0

The Panic Is On (video)

The title of this video is a phrase from a 1930\'s depression era song. This video relies on the work of Naomi Klein (\"The Shock Doctrine\") to describe how the neo fascists use shocks or panics to further their aims. Ms Klein was on The Colbert Report saying that the Big Bucks Boys (BBB) are using the current financial panic to take unprecedented power.  read more

Nov 6, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Twilight In the Desert (video)

\"Twilight In the Desert\" by Matthew Simmons, a Bush advisor, is referenced. The effect of peak oil in Saudi Arabia is considered: the end of modernity & industrialization will lead to unending economic depression and hunger. We may be experiencing peak oil now. If not, peak oil is imminent.  read more

Nov 5, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Who Messed Up the Economy? (video)

Alan Greenspan had to eat humble pie before the U.S. Senate. The former Fed Chairman held interest rates too low for too long and failed to regulate the banks subprime lending and their creation of mickey mouse financial instruments like CDO\'s (Collateralized Debt Obligations) and other worthless paper.  read more

Nov 5, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Lord John Maynard Keynes (video)

This is not a biography of Lord John Maynard Keynes. Rather, it is an attempt to correct some misimpressions of Keynes stemming from my YouTube video entitled: \"Economics 102 - Keynes v Friedman.\" It is also meant to address some mean spirited ugly accusations by Friedman groupies.  read more

Oct 29, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Friedman Discredited (video)

Nobel Prize winner Professor Milton Friedman relied on Monetary Theory to achieve successful economies and societies. read more

Oct 29, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Hierarchy of Money

Democracy for Corporations and the Super Rich Alone - the rest are hamburger meat. read more

Dec 28, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Social Injustice and Social Exclusion

This essay is intended to examine society through the prism of history and the social sciences. It is a meditation on the many facets of social injustice and social exclusion.  read more

Sep 25, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Is America Without a Sense of Community or Solidarity? Why No Quality Health Care? Why No National Affordable Housing Program?

Can a society without quality health care be considered to be a community? In a 2003 study the Rand Corp. found that Americans have just a 55% chance of receiving the "correct" care in any medical situation. The study was not looking for good or excellent care. The study simply sought basic correct medical care and could not find it 45% of the time.  read more

Apr 24, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Worse Than Watergate _ Americans Without the Sense of History to Know - There Is No Senator Frank Church Today

Now that America has become a theocracy that condemns Secular Humanism, we are without the sense of history to understand our Power Elite. The overwhelming majority of Americans have no knowledge of a national scandal called Watergate that happened over 30 years ago. This is the reason we are repeating the essence of Watergate. We are doomed to repeat history we don't know.  read more

Apr 24, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

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