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The Middle Class Quest for Immortality & the Psychic Benefit of Superiority

Alot of folks try to pack much into a day (time is money). Is it the stress of modernity? Is it because real income (adjusted for inflation) has been declining for over 30 years? Can anyone remember the 1950\'s or 1960\'s when one income supported a family? Are folks rushing trying to avoid their own mortality? Perhaps the people of modernity developed large egos and are consumed by themselves, with little interest in listening to othe read more

Nov 8, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Decolonizing the Mind - Is Your Mind Occupied Territory?

As human beings we all share the same titanic struggle. Some are defeated without knowing they have been at war. Others willingly and knowingly accept defeat as a right of passage. Still others celebrate and embrace defeat as a social advantage. What is the struggle? How is the struggle conducted? Who is waging the war? The biggest battle a person can fight in is the battle for the  read more

Nov 9, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Conditioned to Hate the Poor

Then & Now read more

Dec 30, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

The Middle Class Considered

Initially the middle class were merchants and small business owners. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was this type of successful small businessperson. They were what sociologist David Reisman writing in “The Lonely Crowd” describes as Inner Directed people. This age of successful small businesspersons lasted up until the age of Andrew Jackson, even up until the Civil War.  read more

Oct 3, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

A Social Sciences Reading List

The following list was compiled in reaction to a local New Jersey BOE Trustee and a local lawyer who recently disparaged the social sciences. Those who use the social sciences to guide their lives are disparaged in modern media as "secular humanists." If you go to you may view a video entitled: Confessions of a secular humanist. The attack on the social sciences is part of the dumbing down of America necessary for propaganda to flourish and spread. How so you say?  read more

Apr 24, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Identification with the State

It begins in the schools. Xenophobic, jingoistic belief in the State replaced pragmatic education I America long ago. Rather than responsible citizens, American education’s new mandate is producing cannon fodder for the State.  read more

Jan 31, 2006 |  Comments: 0/0

Christianity and Political Theory

Where does one begin to tackle the subject of Christianity and its relationship to politics? How can any writer get his/her arms around a topic so broad? No one writer can! All that said; allow me to begin the dialogue. Hopefully, it will not be a dialogue of the deaf. There are those, both Christian and others, who ascribe all sorts of political ideas to Jesus Christ. I will not do so, because I am ill equipped to do so. After all, I am not within a country mile of being a bible scholar  read more

Jun 25, 2003 |  Comments: 0/0

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