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Admiral Hammerhead

Our man visits China. read more

Feb 9, 2010 |  Comments: 0/0

Shaba & Chatila

Hello Hogan, I appreciate your articles and wish there are more people like you. Your story on Shaba & chatila is nice but you don\'t elaborate and you have the name wrong it\'s Sabra & Chatila names of the two owners of the land where those 2 camps are situated, just to get the record straight and make the reader know that your stories are researched and veridics. keep the good work. Tony  read more

Jan 16, 2010 |  Comments: 0/0

Socialism As A Weltanschauung - 6rd Edition with Conclusion

How does one form a world view or weltanschauung.? Our world view is patterned upon us by the zeitgeist or cultural screen. What are the dominant views imposed upon us by mass media? Columbia University Professor Richard Hofstader has written about Social Darwinism in American life. Social Darwinism, as initially presented by English sociologist Herbet Spenser and later interpreted by Yale Professor William Graham Sumner, seems to be in harmony with the the work of a father of sociology, Max  read more

Nov 8, 2008 |  Comments: 2/2

Democrats & Republicans Compared - Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb?

Among the many misconceptions (propaganda) taught in schools is the "two party system." As children, we are taught there are only two valid parties. Implied or stated is the notion that a vote for a third party is a wasted vote. There are certainly many wasted votes in a nation where only 50% of eligible voters bother to register. Only 50% of registered voters bother to vote. In the end, only 25% of eligible voters come out to vote. Therefore, the wining party garners about 13% of e read more

Nov 8, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Hogan Harangues

A middle class man from one of the Pascack Valley\'s oldest and finest families repeatedly referred to my writing and A/V style on as haranguing my audience. My visitor was telling me he views my work as long, pompous and marked by strong feeling (according to a Webster\'s II New College Dictionary copyright 2001, 1999, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Co.).  Once again, I found myself paying to be insulted. The visitor was a contractor being paid an hourly rate to perform a service. Thi read more

Nov 8, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

American Education Fails to Teach History - No Understanding of Colonialism & Imperialism - 3rd Edition with Summary Now Available

A new principal in the Pascack Valley (Westwood HS) will be teaching the history of martial arts as part of a social studies class he will teach. Americans will substitute anything for American & world history. Why? America\'s century long ongoing effort to colonize the world is not covered in school. Therefore, American children and adults do not understand the American Imperial prerogative. Americans have no perspective in the matter of Imperialism. As all European Empires and the Russi read more

Nov 8, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Shock and Awe - Whose Shock? Whose Awe?

The concept of Shock and Awe was first developed by the Pentagon\'s National Defense University (NDU) in 1996 as part of the "Rapid Dominance" strategy. The strategy was first used in Afghanistan. In their 1996 NDU book, "Shock and Awe," authors Harlan K. Ullman and James P. Wade wrote of the need to mount an assault with "sufficiently intimidating and compelling factors to force or otherwise convince an advers read more

Nov 9, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Is there a Pre Revolutionary Condition in America?

Try to imagine a Tin Pot dictatorship somewhere in the world.  Imagine a dictator whose party “wins” two rigged elections.  This is how it is in America.  Our so-called “unitary executive” is a massive state dictatorship.  Our executive branch has disgraced itself and all humanity.  Our supreme leader operates in defiance of the outright will of the people who are against the misplaced priorities of war.   As I remember g read more

Nov 9, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

USA Most Unequal In the World?

You may think of me as a surfer dude without the water. Echostar (DishTV) software makes channel surfing easy. When I need entertainment I often turn to C-Span. There you will find America\'s monkeys. There are some who will say I am insulting monkeys. Of this, there is no doubt. Our senior national officials make monkeys out of themselves on C-Span every day. Whenever I see Vermont\'s Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, I stop surfing. Why? Bernie is the only public figure in America to be con read more

Nov 9, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

A Libertarian\'s View of Socialism

The professor is a local Libertarian. The man advocates zero government. After that things became complicated as the professor laid out his political thinking on the restaurant table. Quite naturally, his Libertarian ideal is the centerpiece of the table. I immediately agreed a system of no government would be best. Then our professor began a critique of Socialists. Our man views Socialists as Fascists or latent Fascists. He offered two examples. The professor asserts the President of Venezue read more

Nov 9, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Ralph Nader For President (video)

The two parties are one giant reactionary party that panders to the plutocrats. Pandering is not policy. The giant one party system does not consider issues. Both Obama & McCain will remain in Iraq forever at great cost ($20 or $30 Trillion in 50 years) or until our army is finally defeated, as in Viet Nam. Either man is destined to bankrupt America. read more

Nov 7, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Socialism and Anarchism (video)

The goals of socialism & anarchism are described. Socialism predates Marxism and is concerned with achieving equality within a society. Revolutionary and reform socialism are juxtaposed. Anarchism is concerned with liberating the individual from the authority of the state.  read more

Nov 7, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Socialism For the Rich, Second Edition (video)

The French philosopher Jean Jacques said \"The rich form governments to steal from the poor.\" This video explains how the rich use the tax system to steal our money and use it to benefit the rich. While ordinary folks live under capitalism, the rich enjoy the benefits of state socialism. read more

Nov 7, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Taxi To the Dark Side (video)

Taxi to the Dark Side is available on Netflix. It is A Documentary On American Torture & the Destruction of Habeas Corpus, the Constitution and American Liberties, Values & Morals. read more

Nov 7, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

The Dark Side (video)

How the war on terror turned into a war on American ideals & values. Jane Mayer\'s book, \"The Dark Side,\" describes the torture and murder of many people and explains how torture was approved at the highest levels of government. It is a case of bureaucracy robbing us of our freedom & democracy, as William James & Max Weber predicted more then a century ago.  read more

Nov 6, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

The New Gilded Age (video)

How our current Gilded Age is worse then the 1870\'s thru 1890\'s in terms of inequality, cronyism and Social Darwinism. This time around there is no opposition.  read more

Nov 6, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

The Three Penny Opera

Mayor Rudolph Wenzel of the Township of Washington, New Jersey (Bergen County) stars as Mackie Messer (aka Mack the Knife), Police Chief William Cicchetti costars as London\'s Police Commissioner Tiger Brown and Administrator Agnes Smith is magnificent as Polly Pechum. Instead of taking over a bank to rob the people, as in the original, Mack the Knife\'s gang of thieves take over an entire town for their own profit. In this new production, Mack, Polly & Tiger rule unopposed for 26 years as the people live in fear.  read more

Nov 6, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

World\'s Art Patrimony Destroyed (video)

On April 11 and 12, 2003 the National Museum in Baghdad was looted of 15,000 items. On April 14, 2003 the National Library and Archive as well as the Library of Korans at the Ministry of Religious Affairs and endowments was burned. A million books and 10 million documents were destroyed. US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was blase\': \"Freedom\'s untidy---Free people are ffree to make mistakes and commit crimes.\" Rummy is wrong. read more

Nov 5, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Ancient Ireland, parts 1 thru 9 (video)

Henry P. McNally, M.A. loves his heritage so much, he drives 78 miles each way to teach Irish history at a local community college as a volunteer without pay.  read more

Nov 1, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Sir, no Sir! (video)

This 80 minute documentary is available on Netflix. It tells the story of how large parts of the American military mutinied during the Viet nam war and covers the routine use of torture and mass murder that drove men to murder NCO\'s and officers in an effort to retain their humanity. read more

Oct 29, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

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