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Conditioned By Fear & Absurdity

Dec 28, 2006
Michael Hogan

Americans internalize alot of fear of Iran & North Korea. We are told they are bad guys. Let's look at America from an Iranian perspective of verified history. In 1953 the CIA manged to stage a coup in Iran and overthrew a democratically elected prime minister, named Dr Mohammad Mossadegh (or Mosaddeq), who was about to nationalize the oil resources of Iran. The CIA then imposed a puppet who ran Iran until 1979, when the puppet was kicked out by the present rulers of Iran.

The present rulers of Iran are democratically elected by the people of Iran. They have been portrayed as bad guys in the American press because they do with there oil as they please. They sell it to the Chinese and anyone else who needs energy. The American media can't come clean and set us straight - we are in an economic war and an energy war with China. Yes, ladies and germs, we are losing the China war, as well as the Iraq war. We have driven the Persians (Iranians) into the outstretched arms of the Chinese and the Russians.

Rather then tell us about the evolving war with the world, American media distracts us with tales of how Iran may have a nuclear weapon in a decade or two. Then the media tells us the Persians will destroy Israel with it's bomb. Why would 6000 years old Persia committ suicide by attacking a country withh 300 nuclear bombs? The Persians didn't get to be 6000 years old by being super stupid. Bush has a messanic mission to destroy Iran before his term is out. After being conditioned to hate Iran for over 25 years, what American would tell Bush he's insane?

Since that was a rhetorical question, let's move on to how Americans have been conditioned to hate N. Korea. The man who runs N. Korea is named Kim. His father was a great patriot who fought the Japanese invaders with passion. American propaganda redued Kim Sr to a guy who drank virgin's blood. This was 20 or 30 years ago when Kim Sr was alive. Aside from the absurdist aspect to the story, one must wonder why would anyone drink blood? How can the drinker be certain the blood is pure unadulterated virgin blood? Was there a Ministery of Virgin Blood Certification in Kim Sr's day?

In "The Sorrows of Empire" Chalmers Johnson notes America must make eternal war. To do so we must have enemies. We are conditioned to have enemies much as in Orwell's "1984."
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