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Is America Without a Sense of Community or Solidarity? Why No Quality Health Care? Why No National Affordable Housing Program?

Apr 24, 2006
Michael Hogan

Can a society without quality health care be considered to be a community?  In a 2003 study the Rand Corp. found that Americans have just a 55% chance of receiving the "correct" care in any medical situation. The study was not looking for good or excellent care. The study simply sought basic correct medical care and could not find it 45% of the time.

Although 45 to 50 million Americans are totally without health care, the per capita cost (this includes all those who don't receive care because they are uninsured) of health care is twice what it is in Canada and 50% higher then in Switzerland - the country with the second highest cost per capita. Of course Canada and Switzerland and all other industrialized countries have universal health care for all people, yet the cost per capita is much less then America. Why?

We are throwing money at health care insurance companies. This is the purpose of America - to insure the high profitability of its corporate citizens and the rest of us can go straight to hell. We are hamburger meat in America. America is a community of corporations and there is no place for people.

Can we say we are a community when we allow 20% of our people to be without health insurance and the rest stand a one in two chance of not getting the correct medical care? Can we say we are a community when over 50% of all bankruptcies are driven by health care costs? Can we say we are a community when those with health insurance cannot find the correct health care in 45% of situations, according to the Rand Corp.?

Can we say we are a community when we turned our backs on Katrina victims? We are a country without a national affordable housing program, today. Tiny Holland has built 50,000 to 100,000 affordable housing units each and every year since 1950. All of the Katrina victims could have been easily housed and resettled in excellent housing for full families in communities that have fine health care and education for children. All the president needed to do was pick up a pen and move the Katrina victims to U.S. Army bases in the southern United States. Anyone who has been in the army knows this was a viable, cost effective, excellent solution.

The president, and the American people, turned their backs on the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Can there be any doubt we are without a shred of community in America? There is no solidarity with fellow Americans. Why are Americans unable to pursue their own self interests? Certainly your Average Joe is in the majority. Why can't Joe Average get
the quality health care and affordable housing enjoyed by folks in other countries?

Joe Average is without the social sciences and history necessary to understand he has human rights. Joe was robbed of his rights by a propaganda machine that constantly tells Joe he has no right to quality health care and affordable housing, among many other rights Joe is missing. Rather then rights the American Power Elite offer Average Joe
charity. Sure now, wasn't it Thomas Paine who said the people don't want charity; they want their rights.

Who stole Average Joe's rights and a fair portion of the distribution of wealth and income in America? Here we need to consider one of the finest minds in Western thought: Enlightenment scholar Jean Jacques Rousseau. What has Jean to say to Joe? Jean Jaques said the rich create the State to steal from the poor. Jean Jacques nets it out in one short sentence. That's why the man is rated as a great thinker. Rather then listen to Jean Jacques Rousseau, Joe Average American is listening to the Bush family.

King George Bush I gave us charity in his "thousand points of light" speeches. King George II has taken it a step further and endorses and endows religious charities with federal money, thus ending the separation of church and state. Rather then a government commitment to health care and housing, the Bush regency has us all dependent on religious whimsy to distribute our essential rights as human beings. Of course, they do so with a sense of Noblesse Oblige as they steal our tax money and redistribute it to Haliburton and other cronies in the Power Elite.

King Bush I also gave a speech in which he said there is no such thing as class. This was the high point of direct presidential propaganda. As a person who went to Yale, there is no doubt King Bush I had heard of sociology. In all probability, Yale made both Bush I & Bush II take basic Sociology 101. Certainly sociology is taught in the same way in
all colleges and universities on the planet. Sociology is the study of the group. All sociologists agree the larger group called society is divided into classes. Although Karl Marx is most widely known for being apolitical thinker, he is also considered one of the 3 fathers of sociology because he observed, documented and described classes in society. It is not surprising rich members of the Power Elite seek to deny the concept of class in society.

This is how the rich use the State to steal from the people. They tax us all and give nothing in return. The money is funneled (stolen) to cronies in the Military/Industrial/Communications Complex (i.e. rich folk, aka the upper class). The tax system itself is designed to steal from the poor and middle class and transfer wealth and income to the rich. King Bush II's tax breaks for the rich are the latest example of a very regressive tax system at every level of government. Yet, there is $1 trillion for war, as the nation goes ever deeper in debt to the world.

Why is Joe Average unable to see what is before his eyes? Joe is distracted by a web of illusion woven by the corporate mass media owned by the richest class. How is the web woven? Professor Noam Chomsky lays it out in his book: "Manufacturing Consent" 1989 Pantheon Press. Chomsky explains the role of flack in his propaganda model. Flack issues are designed to distract from issues that would cost the Power Elite money.

While the basic issues of labor, war, health care, affordable housing (Katrina victims, etc.) and public transportation are totally ignored by corporate media, issues like immigration, stem cell research, the Yellow Peril of China, Iran's nuclear ambition that may or may not come to fruition in 8 or 10 years according to the US Defense Department, a bird flu that may or may not happen dominate the headlines. While other
presidents used relatively mild forms of flack, Bush II has terrified Americans with his plethora of lies designed by the great flack Wurlitzer. Bush II is the leading terrorist terrorizing Americans.  Those who live in fear are so stressed it becomes impossible to
construct a critical analysis of ones own life, let alone the national problems and priorities. Flack, terror and fear have immobilized America and robbed us of our rights.

In the midst of all the flack, no ones thinking straight. This is the way the autocrats and oligarchs very much like it - no one thinking straight. In such a society of high stress, flack and fear - wedge issues are introduced to divide us from ourselves: abortion, gay marriage, race and immigration. Meanwhile a war very profitable to the elites drags on.

All this is merely a preamble to the title of this essay. Is America without a sense of community and solidarity? When the Power Elite attacked the poor in America for the last quarter century, the middle class joined the attack as cheerleaders. The wedge between the poor and middle class was easily placed by mass media that explained the plight of the poor as laziness while the middle class worked hard. Naturally, the middle class enjoyed such self congratulatory moral malarkey.

Now, with the poor destitute and facing death at all turns, the rich elites have only the middle class to rob. In a sense, this is justice for the middle class cheered as the poor were attacked, degraded and denuded of all dignity for a quarter century. Just as the poor are unseen in modern media, former members of the middle class are now unseen, as well.

Where will it all end. It will not end at all. We are in a transitionary process. Wealth and income will continue to be transferred from the middle class to the rich until there is no middle class remaining. There will be the poor and the rich. In fact, this process has been going on for a half century or more. Instead of a real solvent middle class we have wannabee status seekers pretending to be middle class but are, in fact, poor.

The Iraq war is the only thing holding the economy together and providing enough aggregate demand to keep hope alive. The War Profiteers want the war to go on forever. An end to the war would mean a recession of immense proportions - possibly a depression. We must continue the war of international mass murder to keep the middle class at work able to pay the banker's mortgage.

It reminds me of the American Civil War. While northern industrialists wanted the north to win, they were made happy by every southern victory. Southern victories meant northern war profits would continue. So it is today in Iraq, where chaos means American war profits will continue. CIA death squads will continue the chaos to continue the American troop presence in Central Asia along all the key pipeline routes.

And so it goes - eternal war abroad and a continued attack on the American family at home. Yet, the Great Wurlitzer of corporate media tells us we are on our way to success. In the midst of a web of illusion, the American people are without the sense of history, social sciences and humanities necessary to understand their plight. Therefore, they see no reason for community or solidarity. The wannabees continue to say: "I'm alright Jack." A nation angry at itself is easily divided and conquered by the Power Elite.
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