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Worse Than Watergate _ Americans Without the Sense of History to Know - There Is No Senator Frank Church Today

Apr 24, 2006
Michael Hogan

Now that America has become a theocracy that condemns Secular Humanism, we are without the sense of history to understand our Power Elite. The overwhelming majority of Americans have no knowledge of a national scandal called Watergate that happened over 30 years ago. This is the reason we are repeating the essence of Watergate. We are doomed to repeat history we don't know.

What was Watergate about? What brought a nation to a standstill? What brought a president down?

A president at the time (Nixon) and his henchmen (the "plumbers") were caught spying on a relatively small number of people without the authority to do so. The Watergate scandal came about because some of the Americans being spied upon were members of the national Power Elite. The powerful didn't enjoy being spied on and took on the task of measuring the extent of the illegal spying on Americans.

Today Bush and his henchmen are spying on virtually all Americans who use the phone, fax or Internet. The National Security Agency has the farms of super computers needed to spy on the world. Including Americans in it's net is merely a matter of Bush ordering his henchmen to do so. Why isn't Bush being stopped?

Those in congress lack the courage and intestinal fortitude to do so. The abuses of illegal spying during the Watergate era were investigated by an American Indian named Senator Frank Church and his committee. It was Senator Church who put a leash on the CIA, NSA, FBI and all the other acronyms of our national security state. America is without such leaders of courage today.

Leaders aren't interested because the security state is not targeting the Power Elite, as was the case during Watergate. Why would our leaders care now that Joe Average is being illegally spied upon? Joe Average is hamburger meat in America. Joe Average is literally without representation in the new national security state.

Lastly, allow me to return to the beginning of this essay. America is unable to grapple with it's challenges, including the fascism of routinely spying on the people, because it has become a theocracy that disparages the only tools available to step up to such problems - secular humanism. Only history and the social sciences will allow us to see
through the web of illusion woven by theocratic leaders taking us to Armageddon.
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