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Decolonizing the Mind - Is Your Mind Occupied Territory?

Nov 9, 2008
Michael Hogan

As human beings we all share the same titanic struggle. Some are defeated without knowing they have been at war. Others willingly and knowingly accept defeat as a right of passage. Still others celebrate and embrace defeat as a social advantage.

What is the struggle? How is the struggle conducted? Who is waging the war?

The biggest battle a person can fight in is the battle for the mind. It is the struggle to form our own world view or what the german language calls a weltanschauung (it\'s in American dictionaries). The struggle to decolonize ones mind begins with an understanding that individuals and institutions have colonized our minds. The primary colonizers are the State and Media.

As youngsters we are all eager to get our minds right. Therefore, we completely trust the State & Media. Social psychiatrists tell us acceptance by the group is a primary motivating force in life. Therefore, youngsters egarly internalize the weltanschauung offered to us by the cultural screen of TV, Internet, Video Games. We need to get our minds right to be part of the group. When America is at war (when is it not?), those who are not part of the consensus for war are painted as unpatriotic. Those who are out of step with the cultural screen will not easily find work.

Educational professionals have a word to describe the process of getting ones mind right. In the old days among the old ways, it was called "socialization. Teachers become the agents of the State - paid to get your mind right. Please notice America has one unified public school system that puts out government approved history and science. When the Nazis had one school system of government approved thought we called it fascism. When the Russians had one state school system, we called it evil communism.

My own personal anecdote regarding the colonization and subsequent partial decolonization of my mind is similar to some. I was brought up between two cobblestones among the trolley tracks on Manhattan\'s Broadway. Eager to join the group, I became a staunch right wing conservative fanatic and proudly voted for Barry Goldwater in 1964. I continue to be proud of that vote. In any case, the working class are far more conservative then the middle class or upper class. The working class sees neo-fascism as a ticket to ride into the middle class and be accepted.

At CCNY, I remained a robot with a colonized mind - advocating the CIA control the Peace Cprps. A liberal professor gave me an F for that bit of realism. So, there I was walking on the CCNY campus, when a person handed me a typed single spaced 14 inch long piece of paper about the history of Viet Nam and reflections on the war. That piece of paper changed my life. It was the beginning of the decolonizing of my mind. I was on my way to independent research and the best books on offer.

A Liberal Arts course of study at any college or university that is not affiliated with religion, used to be very helpful in decolonizing the mind. Religious institutions put their religious perspective before truth (or alternative truths would be better). This was evident in my day when our humanities professor was always sensitive to the Catholic Churches Index of books Catholics couldn\'t read. Professor Sass would offer Catholics alternate books that weren\'t on the Index. However, today it doesn\'t matter, because much of the social sciences has been denuded of truth through the obfuscation of knowledge that was observed in the 1960\'s by the english psychiatrist R D Laing.

There was an elegant time when the purpose of a Liberal Arts education was to decolonize the mind and develop a world view of ones own. Rather then the finest minds of the past, some "educators" prefer recent books that rewrite the history of ideas. A visitor named Max Powers (an Internet pseudonym) has read a recent book that denies class exits in society. Such a book throws out much of sociology and psychology. The easiest way to verify the existence of class, is to check out a book and two movies. The recent movie "Capote" is about a very famous American author named Truman Capote who wrote a book called "In Cold Blood." When I saw Capote, I was amazed how accurately Truman Capote was portrayed. I met Truman Capote more then once at the UN Plaza Hotel (a hotel accross from the UN) swim club. His health had deteriorated from the stress of writing such a truthful and masterful study of class. If you rent the 1960\'s movie version of the book and also called In Cold Blood starring Robert Blake you will see the finest American movie I can think of and one of the very few to study class. The book and movie are based on a true crime.

Decolonizing the mind is a lifelong process. It never ends because the State & Media will never stop the process of colonizing your mind. In a recent book by Chalmers Johnson entited Sorrors of Empire, the author believes American Empire requires eternal war. Each new war requires us to get our minds right. It becomes our patriotic duty to allow the State and Media to occupy our minds. This was clearly seen in the leadup to the war in Iraq as we all eagerly allowed our leader to terrorize us with fear and label those who question his view as unpatriotic.

The Republic is lost. To many minds have been occupied and colonized. Eternal war will bankrupt the Republic as surely it bankrupted the Roman Empire, according to Gibbons\'  Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. At this point, the only thing for families to do is protect your assets in the coming American bankruptcy. You might want to think about moving money to euro and yen denominated assets.
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