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Shock and Awe - Whose Shock? Whose Awe?

Nov 9, 2008
Michael Hogan

The concept of Shock and Awe was first developed by the Pentagon\'s National Defense University (NDU) in 1996 as part of the "Rapid Dominance" strategy. The strategy was first used in Afghanistan. In their 1996 NDU book, "Shock and Awe," authors Harlan K. Ullman and James P. Wade wrote of the need to mount an assault with "sufficiently intimidating and compelling factors to force or otherwise convince an adversary to accept our will." It is what it is. It\'s a way to build an empire.

In it\'s day in the 1970\'s and 1980\'s Iraq may have been the most highly cultured secular middle class society outside of Europe. Baghdad was completely safe with middle class folks walking and visiting cafes and restaurants very late into the middle of the night. This according to anthropologists familiar with Iraq. As a civilization, Iraq did everything to protect it\'s art treasures during the American sponsored Iran/Iraq war of the 1980\'s. There was no homelessness as rent controls were put in place by the Baath Party. The Iraqi people were highly educated with a broad middle class of professionals. There was running water and electricity.

Today, Iraqi with the means to do so is becoming a refugee in either Jordan or Syria. Internal Iraqi homelessness has skyrocketed as rent controls were removed causing high rents and homelessness. 5000 years of Iraqi art was stolen or destroyed. Running water and electricity are far below pre war levels. What little education facilities remain are empty as parents are afraid to let their youngsters leave home. 655,000 Iraqi civilians are dead. Much of the people owned state oil resources were given to American oil companies (Cheveron in particular). This means American oil companies will now distribute Iraqi oil, giving America strategic control of Iraqi oil and assure the oil market continues to be traded in dollars.

We destroyed a people, their civilization and an economy in order to steal what is owned by the Iraqi people. We did it in a cavalier manner without regard to international law or human rights. How cavalier? We eagerly accepted the word of  deserter, bully and a known liar. We were terrorized by a tyrant and scared into accepting the mass murder of 655,000 Iraqis while making millions more homeless.

Shock and Awe is our Imperial writ. It\'s the American Empire\'s strategy for dominance. We will continue to terrify the world to control it. This American strategy of worldwide terror was tested in Palestine by Israel and has proved to be a complete success. As a result of Israeli Zionist terror almost 80 % of the former Palestine is now Israel. The Zionist ambition continues to invade and occupy what remains of the former Palestine and parts of Syria and Lebanon.

The purpose of shock and awe is clearly stated by Ullman and Wade. It is to destroy the people through terror. American policy is now clearly on the side of Israel and the Zionist ambition to take more Arab land. There are some who believe that Israel has become the tail that wags the American dog.
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