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Is there a Pre Revolutionary Condition in America?

Nov 9, 2008
Michael Hogan

Try to imagine a Tin Pot dictatorship somewhere in the world.  Imagine a dictator whose party “wins” two rigged elections.  This is how it is in America.  Our so-called “unitary executive” is a massive state dictatorship.  Our executive branch has disgraced itself and all humanity.  Our supreme leader operates in defiance of the outright will of the people who are against the misplaced priorities of war.
As I remember governors and mayors in New York State and New Jersey, I can say the American executive branch of government is a failure beyond measure and a grave danger to the people.  How is it with the legislative branch of government from town councils to state legislatures to the U.S. Congress?  Here again, one sees only failure.
There are only hogs at the trough.  Snouts seeking the peoples’ purse.  Without vision, the hogs can’t see the peoples’ priorities.  It’s hard to see form the trough.
Without functioning executive or legislative branches at any level of government, what remains?  The courts are the last bastion of freedom.  Libertarians out there are urged to focus.
Ned Hogan was an immigrant with faith in the courts.  He told me so many times.  Ned was a Pro Se litigant, who continued to seek redress in the courts well into his 80’s.  Ned advised me more than once not to use lawyers.
Parents can pattern children and it takes time to overcome and outgrow such infantile and teenage hypnosis.  In the intervening half century, I have had occasion to thoroughly test the court systems.  Your average Pro Se litigant begins in Small Claims Court.  While New York Judges seek to protect the rights of Pro Se litigants, New Jersey Small Claims Court can find a Pro Se litigant under judicial attack and, quite possibly, criminalized.  New Jersey justice is rough by any measure.  It is unfortunate this is the only side of justice seen by your average person.
New Jersey judges often make emotional decisions based on the behavior or personality of the litigants, rather than the facts.  A Pro Se litigant might be required to pay court costs because a judge doesn’t like the litigant’s writing style.  Such injustice based on education, customs, and values seem routine.
The alternative is to mortgage ones home to pay for a legal team.  Those without the $10,000 - $500,000 needed to go the distance in court, are left in the cold without justice.
Justice for the few is no justice at all.
Those middle class folks willing to mortgage their homes for justice are gambling with their lives if they lose.  It took a dentist and a teacher a lifetime to pay for their home in New Jersey.  When the teacher (then a principal) sued a school district under the Whistle Blower Law, she lost.  In the end she owed her law firm $450,000 and the law firm owned her home.
The principal received no justice and her families’ legacy was destroyed.
In the light of America having three failed branches of government at three levels of government, why aren’t the people upset?  Is everyone on Prozac, tranquilizers, video games, the Internet and TV?
When an election is stolen in Mexico, millions pour into the streets.  In America, it goes unnoticed – TWICE IN A ROW.
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