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Is Change Possible?

Nov 9, 2008
Michael Hogan

Many assume I seek change. Therefore, some further assume I am an idealist. How could any 65 year old American believe change is possible? Only an mental defective could believe change possible in America.

So, if the "same old same old" will always be with us, why do I publish my views? It\'s a question of remaining who I am and who I have become. The person I became seeks to resist the tyranny of hierarchy. I don\'t do so for society as a whole. I have no sense of civic duty or patriotism. My resistance is about remaining a whole integrated person. Many Americans are alienated from their original selves. You might say the people of modernity have been processed. I seek to protect the unprocessed Mike Hogan from being processed by propaganda.

As to change, here is what I know. While I do not believe any single person or group of people can change America, I do believe heavy duty change is on the way. American propaganda has been far to successful with the American people having been led into an Anti Intellectual void by Christian religious fanatics, for made man change to ever happen.

However, in time an economic catastrophe will happen. America will go bankrupt like a South American country. Much like the countries of South America, all social services will end. America will become another libertarian Friedmanite model of freedom. As the former middle class folks join the already destitute, there will be anomie. This loss of values will continue for decades before new values are found and formulated.

It is doubtful people will return to the failed model of the past - Liberal (hierarchical phony) Democracy. Gradually, folks will seek the light of true direct (flat) democracy with constant referendums on the Internet. Internet democracy will eliminate the tyranny of hierarchy & leadership.
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