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American Education Fails to Teach History - No Understanding of Colonialism & Imperialism - 3rd Edition with Summary Now Available

Nov 8, 2008
Michael Hogan

A new principal in the Pascack Valley (Westwood HS) will be teaching the history of martial arts as part of a social studies class he will teach. Americans will substitute anything for American & world history. Why?

America\'s century long ongoing effort to colonize the world is not covered in school. Therefore, American children and adults do not understand the American Imperial prerogative. Americans have no perspective in the matter of Imperialism. As all European Empires and the Russian Empire have collapsed due to bankruptcy, America has increased it\'s Imperial efforts worldwide. American ignorance of history allows us to do so. The dumbing down of Americans is part of the intentional or inadvertent propaganda of Imperialism. I believe the dumb down propaganda is the intentional result of decisions by our leaders. Yet, no one questions the honesty of American education

When America goes bankrupt due to the Imperial policies of all it\'s presidents, the citizens of America will not blame the presidents who implemented the financially disasterous policies of Imperialism. Rather, Americas will blame the usual fall guys: (1.) we were not Christian enough (God didn\'t dig us) (2.) the countries we invaded did not appreciate the freedom and democracy we offered them {blame the victim} [Hitler had a similar marketing program], (3.) the American civilian leadership & citizens prevented a victory by limiting the use of military power, (4.) our opponents did not fight fair (the use of "suiciders"), etc. These are just some of the convoluted ridiculous rationales we will be fed in schools when America finally loses it\'s most recent Imperial war.

Why isn\'t history taught honestly? An honest discussion of American colonialism would cause a concomitant discussion of the motives behind the Imperial American urge. Initially, the discussion would be easy. We could refer to one of President Dwight David Eisenhower\'s last speeches. It was the now famous speech in which Eisenhower condemned the American "Military Industrial Complex." The Military Industrial Complex now runs America as an Industrial Dictatorship (presidents are there to take phone calls from the military Industrial Complex). Wars are started continuously to justify the existence of the Military Industrial Complex. America\'s Imperial ambitions serve the Military Industrial Complex. Who or what does the Military Industrial Complex seek to serve?

All corporations are there to serve the stockholders. Who are these stockholders? They are the very wealthiest Americans - perhaps the top 1% or 2%. Columbia University sociologist C. Wright mills referred to this group of wealthiest Americans as the "Power Elite." Therefore, wars are fought to profit the wealthiest among us. Wars are socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor and middle class.

As this analysis unfolds, you can see why the dominant class in America does not want to see an educational system that is critical of the Power Elite. This is where honest education would lead us all.


As a citizen of America and a property tax payer, I see a vast public education system producing cannon fodder in what amounts to a Hitler Youth program training to colonize countries around the world. Those who want your children to have a sense of history, will need to d the job yourselves - either as a supplement to public education or as Home Schooling.

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