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Democrats & Republicans Compared - Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb?

Nov 8, 2008
Michael Hogan

Among the many misconceptions (propaganda) taught in schools is the "two party system." As children, we are taught there are only two valid parties. Implied or stated is the notion that a vote for a third party is a wasted vote. There are certainly many wasted votes in a nation where only 50% of eligible voters bother to register. Only 50% of registered voters bother to vote. In the end, only 25% of eligible voters come out to vote.

Therefore, the wining party garners about 13% of eligible voters and we hail this as a great achievement.

Who are the 25% of eligible voters who turn out to vote? Those who have a stake in America. Those who can identify with one of the two parties. In fact, it is hard to distinguish between the two parties.

The Republicans are by far the more honest political party. They tell the world they serve the rich and the upper tier of the middle class (over $300,000/yr). These two groups vote in very high numbers. They can easily find candidates to vote for in either party. The Republicans appealed to a visceral instinct in Americans - hatred of the poor. Perhaps, Republicans see in the poor what they may become. The poor things fear poverty.

However, mere hatred of the poor wasn\'t enough to get Republican mojo going. They needed something different - a new additive. When Ronald Reagan was elected on charisma, Republican Party strategists, Richard Vigurrie and Paul Weyrench, put together a package to pander to the core of America - white protestants. Nobel Prize winner Sinclair Lewis described these folks in "Main Street," "Babbitt," and "Elmer Gantry." Main media refers to them as evangelistic, fundamentalist, dominionist Christians. It was the beginning of the Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, etc. takeover of America. Reagan either cleared or explained his decisions to Falwell. In the intervening 25 years America became a theocracy and noone noticed.

The Elmer Gantry types shifted the debate from concrete issues like universal health care, affordable housing, affordable transportation and affordable higher education to so called cultural issues like abortion, gay marriage and stem cells. Why cultural issues? Cultural issues don\'t cost the government money. The Power Elite gets to keep your money to fight their wars.

Meanwhile the Democrats are disingenuous in the extreme. They pretend to represent the poor, working class and ordinary middle class folks making less then $300,000 per year. The Dems pretend to be more humane. Let\'s examine this pretense, using the most popular American president I ever encountered - Bill Clinton. How did Clinton become so popular?

1. When elected in 1992, it was on a wave of support for universal health insurance for all. The mandate was clear and overwhelming. Senator Hillary Clinton (first lady at the time) dissipated this mandate by seeking a consensus that would satisfy the corporate insurance company interests. In effect, the Clinton\'s intentionally or inadvertently fumbled the universal health care ball and 60 million Americans are paying the price of being without health care. Clinton hurt all those poor, working class and middle class folks without health insurance.

2. In order to solidify his evolving relationship with the fascist corporate state, Clinton pushed for NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). By doing so, he sold out American and Mexican people. When Ross Perot said NAFTA would cause a great sucking sound of jobs leaving America he was on the money. Again, Clinton badly hurt the poor, working class and middle class. By selling out the American people, Clinton was able to gather massive amounts of money from the fascist corporate state and assure his reelection in 1996.

3. As a man without convictions, morality or purpose, Clinton was served by an army of pollsters who found which way the wind was blowing and Clinton sailed with the wind. In order to get the middle class vote for the Democrats, Clinton crucified the poor with something called "Welfare Reform." The middle class loved it. Again, Clinton attacked what was formerly the Democratic Parties\' main constituency - poor, working class and lower middle class folks.

No Republican could have so successfully marginalized and messed up the vast American under class.

4. As to their humanity, please remember America mass murdered 800,000 Iraqis during Clinton\'s 8 years as president. The great majority were babies and young children.


Where does a voter go, if the One Party (with two wings) system doesn\'t serve your needs - doesn\'t even recognize you or your needs and rights? It\'s well past Miller time. It\'s time to think third party. It almost doesn\'t matter which party you choose. If you vote Green Party you will send a message of concern for the environment. If you vote for one of the Socialist Parties, you will be sending a message about social justice, social inclusion, universal health care, affordable housing, affordable transportation, affordable higher education.

Please don\'t allow the One Party system to take your vote for granted. Walk away from the fascist corporate state.
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