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Hierarchy & Hegemony

Nov 8, 2008
Michael Hogan

Among the many misconceptions (propaganda) taught in school is the idea that America is a democracy. The fact is, America was never designed to be a democracy, nor has it become a democracy. The American revolution was an argument among the wealthy elites in England and America. It was aristocrats arranging a divestiture. After America became independent these wealthy American aristocrats continued to rule. In terms of a class analysis, there was no revolution at all.

The so called "Founding Fathers" did all they could to limit the voting right to white males of means. Females, people of color and dead broke white men could not vote. The Power Elite in America continue to rule by stealing elections in 2000 and 2004. Poor whites and folks of color were denied the vote throughout America according to a reporter for the BBC and The Guardian newspaper, writing in his book: "Armed Madhouse." You might say the American tradition continues.

The tradition of having only rich white males as leaders began with the "Founding Fathers." All believed and wrote that only the wealthy elites should lead. Alexander Hamilton was among the most out spoken in his belief in hierarchy and the hegemony of wealthy elites running government. One might say Hamilton was the chief propagandist for a hegemony of aristocrats in America.

Certainly today, the propaganda of hierarchy and the hegemony of plutocrats is believed by all. Our schools teach that the poor, working class and middle class are unfit for service when it comes to leadership. We are societies grunts. It is our role to serve the Power Elite with our lives. Any analysis of truth will show our lives are arranged to be devoted to the further enrichment of the Power Elite.

What can we do? Myself, I am going to find books about the two men who ran for President as Socialists and garnered a small percentage (3%-6%) of the vote - Eugene V. Debs and Norman Thomas.
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