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Middle Class Values Inconsistent with Education

Nov 8, 2008
Michael Hogan

Those who live in the web of illusion called the middle class automatically assume their values are superior to all others. This is not surprising given the fact the middle class are lauded and heralded in mass media every day, while other classes and value systems are unseen. How are middle class values taught? Public and religious schools are the cultural transmission system for all values, customs and mores in our society. What is taught? What values might be substituted in a different system?

Which country and social system shall we compare American middle class values to? Let\'s compare American middle class values to the values of a socialist country with a socialist social system and concomitant values. Let\'s choose the country whose students have come in first in the last two international survey of education. These two surveys were performed by different organizations. While prosperous socialist Finland came in first, America came in dead last in both surveys.

The primary high value taught in American schools is Competition. This is seen in the constant competitive testing and sports competitions. In the end, athletes (jocks) attain the highest status in American schools.  In socialist societies such as Finland, Cooperation and Solidarity are taught as the high values of society. Cooperation and solidarity allows the Finish people to enjoy a united harmonious society, a opposed to war torn strife ridden America.

Rather then the Bullying and Lying that is routine in the super Competitive stress filled lives of the American middle class, socialist Cooperation and Solidarity brings social pressure to bare against bullying and lying. Those in solidarity will not permit the inauthenticity of the middle class. Those who refuse to view the middle class as inauthentic are urged to read the worlds finest writers: American Nobel Prize winner Sinclair Lewis, German Nobel Prize winner Herman Hesse and the 19th Century French novelist Honore\' Balzac.

Another high value taught in American schools is War. American middle class values transmitted through the schools has made education nothing more then a recruiting center for cannon fodder in America\'s endless Imperial effort to colonize the world. American education has become a Hitler Youth Program (see a video on YouTube entitled Hitler Youth Program). Neutral Finland is opposed to war, as is the essence of socialist thought. Rather then waste money on war, socialist Finland chooses  the productivity of Peace. Rather then flood their schools with xenophobia and jingoism, the Fins stick to the business of business. Their high level of education allows Finland to be an international leader in Hi Tech products.


The public and private schools should voluntarily shut down as a service to the nation. Home schooled students are preferred by colleges and universities across America. Why should taxpayers continue to fund competition, war, xenophobia, jingoism, bullying and middle class inauthenticity? What\'s the point? Close the schools and sell the buildings and land. Continue to fund libraries.
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