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The Panic Is On (video)

Nov 6, 2008
Michael Hogan

The title of this video is a phrase from a 1930\'s depression era song. This video relies on the work of Naomi Klein ("The Shock Doctrine") to describe how the neo fascists use shocks or panics to further their aims. Ms Klein was on The Colbert Report saying that the Big Bucks Boys (BBB) are using the current financial panic to take unprecedented power.

Yale law professor Jon Macy the $700 billion bailout bill contains the largest transfer of power from Congress to the executive he has ever seen. Macy says Congress is handing over more power than it did in granting the executive branch leeway in the Patriot Act and more then in authorizing the combat through the war powers clause.

The Republic is toast. We now have a dictatorship in suits. 

View the video clip here:

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