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Taxi to the Dark Side (video)

Oct 29, 2008
Michael Hogan

Taxi to the Dark Side is available on Netflix. It is A Documentary On American Torture & the Destruction of Habeas Corpus, the Constitution and American Liberties, Values & Morals. It is for folks who don\'t have time to read (1.) "The Dark Side - The Inside Story On How the War On Terror Turned Into a War On American Ideals" by Jane Mayer (2.) "The Torture Team - Rumsfeld\'s Memo & the Betrayal of American Values" by Philippe Sands (3.) "The Terror Presidency - Law & Judgment Inside the Bush Administration" by Jack Goldsmith. Jane Mayer\'s book, "The Dark Side," describes the torture and murder of many people and explains how torture was approved at the highest levels of government. It is a case of bureaucracy robbing us of our freedom & democracy, as William James & Max Weber predicted more then a century ago.

Watch the video clip here:

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