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Sir, no Sir! (video)

Oct 29, 2008
Michael Hogan

This 80 minute documentary is available on Netflix. It tells the story of how large parts of the American military mutinied during the Viet nam war and covers the routine use of torture and mass murder that drove men to murder NCO\'s and officers in an effort to retain their humanity. According to the defense Department over 500,000 men deserted during the Viet Nam war. This was one of the reasons President Nixon went to an air war using Agent Orange and anti personnel bombs to kill Vietnamese people (and US Army & Marine Corps personnel. as well). In addition to a determined foe and war protesters in America, the Viet Nam war was stopped by mutineers and deserters. "Sir, No Sir" honors the many Viet Nam veterans who were against the war.

View the video clip here:

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