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Obsequious Nation

Dec 28, 2006
Michael Hogan

The following essay may not be suitable for the immature among us.  Additionally, those who favor the hard sciences while dismissing the possible value of the social sciences are advised this essay is based on a social science called:  SOCIOLOGY.
Every Sociology 101 class in the universe teaches the importance of institutions in society.  You might think of institutions as the pillars of a society:  Family, School, Church, Business, Military, etc.  Each of these institutions transmits the society’s morals, customs, values, totems and taboos.  Although there are many ways to organize the institutions of society, it is remarkable that all of our institutions are organized in the same way.
The institutions of the Post Modern society are all organized hierarchically.  This hierarchical model features a very small leadership class at the top of the hierarchy, with a broad base of bees at the bottom.  The hierarchical method of organization is so thoroughly pervasive, its validity and usefulness go unquestioned.  No family, school, church, business or army begins discussions by considering or reconsidering how to organize.
None since America’s founding fathers have considered alternatives to hierarchy.  There was a time when our founding fathers considered emulating the way Indian tribes organized in decentralized groups with the leadership of the group rotated among members of the group (i.e. tribe).  Consensus was achieved in tribal councils consisting of the current rotated leadership.
The limitations of decentralized unstable leadership were seen when the worlds leading hegemon, Holland, was challenged by England for world dominance.  Holland was a loose amalgam of city states that needed to repeatedly confer before budgeting and taking action.  England was centralized under the immediate command of the crown.  In time, England replaced Holland as the world’s hegemon.
Democracy, itself, delays the decisions needed to make war and dominate the world.  In an “ideal utopian” democracy there would be needless dialogue and discussion before reaching consensus.  Certainly, a well educated unpropagandized citizenry would also be required by a real democracy.  All this would slow the train to war.
In short, real transparent democracy would prevent eternal Imperial War.  This is why the Power Elite at the top of hierarchies have dispensed with democracy in America, Mexico and much of Europe.  It seems the so-called leadership class (a.k.a. upper class) are hesitant to give up the perquisites for power.  Beyond the ego enhancing capabilities of absolute power, there is an unwillingness to leave the trough to other hogs in the leadership class.  In any case, there is no dialogue and discussion in America, Mexico or much of Europe.  These societies take their propaganda undiluted by reality or wisdom.  The people have been dumbed down by government run school systems and endless propaganda.
When children are small, they are taught the hierarchical method of organization and concomitant Obedience to Authority.  In time, our children learn to obsequiously genuflect to any lie told by Power.  We have been taught to reflexively and robotically believe those at the top of the hierarchies of our lives.
If does not matter that the leaders of our institutions are found to be corrupt and without vision; the hierarchical form of organization requires us to continue to believe.  We were patterned by the institutions of society to remain loyal to hierarchy and the elite leadership class inspired by hierarchy.
When interviewing war criminals at the Nuremberg war crime trials, psychologist Gustave Gilbert asked the Nazi second in command, Herman Goring, how the Nazi leadership was able to get the German people to believe such absurd ideas and assertions?  Goring said it’s simple; scare the people and accuse peace advocates of being unpatriotic.  Gilbert quotes Goring as saying:  “It’s the same in all countries.”  Are American’s the same as Nazis?  Bush easily scared us all with lies and accused peace advocates (the entire Democratic Party [if only it were true]) of being unpatriotic.
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