Hierarchy of Money
December 28, 2006
Michael Hogan

While paundits are impressed by the Democratic Party taking control of the Congress, the fact remains that the republic is nothing more then a Hierarchy of Money. The same crowd of fools have controlled the two parties since the Nixon Era (1969 to 1975) over 30 years ago. Cheney & Rumsfeld were President Gerald Ford's (1975) chief of staff and Defense Sceretary.

How have the same men controlled power for over 3 decades? In an earlier essay entitled Obssequious Nation, I observed that our society is controlled by a very small group of elites at the top of the hierarchy. How is the men at the top never change? An Osequious Nation never asks.

The hierarchies of our lives are built on money. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican it takes about $10 million to win a seat in the House of Representatives. Both parties represent corporations that are not required to pay taxes and the Super Rich who don't pay taxes because they use trusts to protect their wealth from taxation. The peoples representatives are indebited to and beholden to the corporations and Super Rich. The Super Rich put their money behind those who have served them well for three decades.

So, you can see the people are propagandised to genuflect to the leaders at the top of hierarchies who are chosen by Money.

And, So It Goes
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